Call centre singapore

Top Call Centre in Singapore

There are many types of call centre business that operates in Singapore regardless of the private or public sector across all industries. Common examples are the Telco or bank general hotlines for the private industries and government agencies helpdesk number for the public sector. Basically, call centre’s companies in Singapore and other countries can be […]

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IVR Software

What is the Differences in getting a IVR Software and IVR as a Service?

IVR Short for Interactive Voice Response is a telephony system that is automated and interacts with callers via incoming calls to the call centres. The main purpose is to gather information and route the calls to the appropriate helpdesk agents that have the necessary skillsets to assist the user in their issues that are related […]

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SMS Gateway

Why SMS Gateway in Singapore is still on demand?

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a communication tool for people using their mobile or laptop by sending short text messages to each other devices (mobile or laptop). In the early 90’s, people are given the additional functions to send text messages using their mobile phone via GSM network other than voice calling. With the improvement […]

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IVR Service

IVR Service- Why you should engage IVR Service Provider

IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response, is an online phone service that is available for most if not all the customer service or sales hotline around the world. Instead of dialing the operator code or waiting for the receptionist to transfer your request to the correct department. IVR service offers the caller convenience by […]

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Govt grants

Singapore Grants available for Cloud Based Call Centre Software.

Companies in Singapore whether SMEs or MNCs are entitled to certain grants that offer them financial funds either to improve their operational and business efficiency or to help new entrepreneurs to start up their business without incurring unnecessary debts. While many businesses will be familiar in grants such as CDG (Capability Development Grant) and ICV […]

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Telephone system

The 10 Popular Telephone System in Singapore

Whether you are intending to set up a new call centre or a department for sales support, having telephone system for work purpose is important as it serves as the point of contact between the helpdesk officer and the customer regardless for the internal or external purpose. Nowadays, businesses have more options to choose either […]

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Cloud based call centre software for SME and MNC

With the improvement of cloud technology, there are more companies embracing it to improve their operations to get more efficient results for their business. This is especially true in customer service sectors in Singapore where companies are adopting new technologies to not only improve their customer service standards but also increase their productivity at the […]

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call centre security

Software for Call Centre in Singapore, the future of Security in Call Centre

Call centre is always in-demand by many businesses around the world as it helps to serve customers to resolve their issues and enquiries on the company’s product or service. Just in Singapore alone, almost every company have a call centre or will hire a third party company call centre to run their customer service or […]

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telephone system for call center

Telephone System for Call Centre Singapore

In every call centre, helpdesk officers will use the call centre phone system to establish effective communication with their customers or related agencies to solve their issues relating to the product or services. Having a telephone system is critical for the operation of the call centre as it can determine the success or failure of […]

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Web Based SMS

Web based SMS Singapore Service Provider with Converged Solutions

Since the invention of the mobile phone, SMS (short message service) has become part of our life as an alternate method of communication other than the phone call by sending or receiving the message from one mobile device to another. With further improvement in mobile technology, people can send web-based text messages from their computers […]

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