IVR Service

IVR Service- Why you should engage IVR Service Provider

IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response, is an online phone service that is available for most if not all the customer service or sales hotline around the world. Instead of dialing the operator code or waiting for the receptionist to transfer your request to the correct department. IVR service offers the caller convenience by […]

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call center

Why do most call centre infrastructure cost so much?

Nowadays, there are more companies that have realized the profits and benefits of operating a call centre for their business. But to set up a call centre, companies will need to allocate an office space to build the structure for the call centre’s operation. The main advantage of running a call centre is that it […]

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converged solutions

Understanding the Differences between ON PREMISE Call Center and CLOUD Call Center

In today’s customer-centric competitive environment, your call center plays a vital role in shaping the image of your business. The way you set up, operate and manage a call center can directly affect the speed, reliability, and effectiveness of your business operations. In the past, most businesses have relied on on-premise call centers. But that […]

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