Call centre singapore

There are many types of call centre business that operates in Singapore regardless of the private or public sector across all industries. Common examples are the Telco or bank general hotlines for the private industries and government agencies helpdesk number for the public sector. Basically, call centre’s companies in Singapore and other countries can be classified into 2 main type:  In-house or outsourced. The in-house call centre is customer service or sales department that operates internally to answer product/service queries from their customers whereas outsourcing call centre is companies that act as third-party call centre on behalf of their client.

To measure and determine which call centre in Singapore is the best, we will need to evaluate them in terms of their call centre’s KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that will determine the quality of their customer services and how efficient is their call centre’s operation to deliver service excellence.

This is especially so in this digital era where business needs quality communication standards to compete and strive in their industry. This is due to the fact that customers expect a prompt response to their queries and demand exceptional service. Most will not continue to patron the service or product and even switch to other business competitors If their expectation or satisfied with the assistance offered.

However, many small businesses in Singapore are not able to house a full-time call centre in their office or not able to hire a third-party call centre company due to financial constraints. This, in turn, gives addition burden to the existing employees who need to handle call enquires and their daily work at the time, which may compromise the quality of their work and service level at the same time.

A top call centre that excels in service quality and operation efficiency will do more than answering call inquiries. They will usually go an extra mile to help their callers to resolve their issues which sometimes are not totally related to the product or services. Other than conduct surveys or gather feedbacks to determine the service standard of the call centre and how to further their operations. It is also important to understand the business nature and the kind of product or services they are handling before we place our judgment on which are the top call centre companies in Singapore.

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