With the improvement of cloud technology, there are more companies embracing it to improve their operations to get more efficient results for their business. This is especially true in customer service sectors in Singapore where companies are adopting new technologies to not only improve their customer service standards but also increase their productivity at the same time.

While it is a fact that many SMS’s always struggle in one way or another to progress towards company’s growth. Global MNC’s also face challenges in their business to sustain profitability.  Since there is no one “one size fits all” strategy to work for every company, it is important to adapt and use the right technology to either aid them in growing their operations and clientele or improvement in service or product quality. As most will agree that companies that are customer orient stand a better chance of success than their competitors.

To touch base with new clients or maintaining good relationship with existing customers, most companies will use call centre services as the medium to connect their business to the customers and one of the prominent aspects in technology innovations is using the cloud-based call centre software to set up Virtual call centre which I foresee will eventually replace the traditional on-site premise call centre in the near future.

Virtual call centres are more cost friendly and efficient since the core of the call centre operation is cloud-based. This means that the company does not need to incur extra cost to allocate additional office space for the call centre or outsource it’s call centre operations to a third party.

For a small business, they have the options to hire home-based agents to handle the clients as all they need is a strong, internet, laptop and a softphone and are able to work at home.

Both SME and MNC Companies that used the cloud-based software for their call centre also agreed that it is much easier for the management to run the call centre operation, integrating with the company’s CRM applications is with the client/server applications or browser/server environment and most importantly, the benefits of scalability that allows large expansion without technology changes instantly.

Looking at the current business trend for call centres, I can confidently predict that cloud-based call centre software will be the future model for all call centre for company’s big or small.




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