call centre security

Call centre is always in-demand by many businesses around the world as it helps to serve customers to resolve their issues and enquiries on the company’s product or service. Just in Singapore alone, almost every company have a call centre or will hire a third party company call centre to run their customer service or sales support department. Although call centre operations are deemed as highly efficient and effective, the platform for the call centre has evolved over the years due to the upgrade of technology which led to the potential increase in security risks that can easily compromise the highly sensitive business information and customer database.

As a matter of fact, modern call centres whether on-site or cloud-based are relying heavily on sophisticated call centre software that not only allows the call centre employees to handle the large volume of calls and emails from their customer with ease. It also helps business to gather vital customer information to improve their operations and service level. However, this also led to a higher risk of data exposure as call agents will share sensitive and confidential documents relating to their client. Thus it is very important for business owners to have the appropriate data protection and security measure to avoid any risk of security breaches especially form hackers.

Another reason that can affect the data safety in call centre is when companies outsourced their operations on the global scale which the customer data are being managed in multiple locations. Several risk factors such as call agents who are not trained in security management or wish to access and steal valuable customer information for their personal gains and sell it to interested parties illegally. Not to mention the fact that outsource call centres may not have enough preventive measures to maintain and develop the IT systems to prevent hackers from exploiting loopholes via the network deficiencies to steal confidential information.

In my opinion, companies shall invest in call centre software or service provider that provides the best security solutions instead of focusing primarily on cost saving while outsourcing their call centre operations in long-term. Especially the fact that data breaches can easily damage their company’s reputation and cost them up to millions of dollars to recover their operation.

One such company in Singapore that provides not only efficient call centre support but also one of the best call centre software available in the market is Converged Solutions. For more information on how Converged Solutions can assist companies in setting up call centre and provide the best security support, you can visit their website and contact them at +65 62529313 or email: [email protected] for a better understanding of their products and services.


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