telephone system for call center

In every call centre, helpdesk officers will use the call centre phone system to establish effective communication with their customers or related agencies to solve their issues relating to the product or services. Having a telephone system is critical for the operation of the call centre as it can determine the success or failure of the call centre business, this range from the hardware such as the telephone, the computer and the server to the software that aid the call agents to do data tracking and reduced the call queue when customers call the hotline.

Basically, the purpose of the telephone system in the call centre is to allow the call agents to handle and manage high volumes of incoming calls or outgoing calls and the systems works by linking phone server network system via the internet to all the agent’s computer and telephone.

The basic functions are logging and call routing, desktop interface for agents, predictive dialing and multi-channel communications. Most of the telephone system software includes the workforce management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and also useful features such as quality monitoring, automated customer surveys, customer support that is multilingual, analytics and knowledge management.

While there are many brands of telephone systems that companies can choose for their call centre operation, it is useful to know the necessary criteria for an effective and efficient system as shown below.

Call Quality – This is to ensure that the customers and the agents can communicate with each other without any disruption or interference in the audio quality.

Capacity Handling – Every call agent’s handsets or softphone shall able to handle a large volume of incoming/outgoing calls one at a time and reduce the call waiting times especially for incoming calls.

Safety and Performance – This feature helps to record all the calls to and from the call centre for agent’s safety and training purpose.

Intelligent Call Routing – This feature ensures that any incoming calls to the call centre will be routed and redirected to the most suitable call agents with the relevant skill set to assist the caller in their inquiry.

Other features such as internal call transfers, automated voicemail service, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) are also important to look out while purchasing the telephone system for the call centre. One of the brands that are highly recommended is the All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre that is managed by this technology company in Singapore known as Converged Solutions.

Other than the features mentioned above, All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre is quite easy to maintain, has a user-friendly interface, ability to provide real-time control and call status from the working computer, alarms or service level alerts to maintain customer’s expectation, able to integrate easily with the company’s CRM applications and much more.

For more information on the All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre product and how it helps to improve the call centre operation, you can visited the Converged Solutions website or contact them at +65 62529313 to assist you further.

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