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Nowadays many companies have focused on providing exceptional service to their customer as part of the long-term business agenda and having a call centre to assist their clients in terms of customer service or sales support proves to be beneficial to their company’s image.

By definition, a call centre is a department that is centralized whereby incoming phone calls or email from current and prospective customers are attended by the call agents to handle their queries. Call centres will also handle outbound calls when necessary which the call centre is either located within a company’s premises or is outsourced to another company that specializes in call centre service.

Depending on the company’s requirements for the call centre set up, more and more companies have either choose to outsource their call centre or set up a cloud-based call centre in their company instead of an on-site call centre. The reason is largely due to the fact that setting up an on-site call centre will cost the company more time, resources and investments as they will need to allocate an office space for the call centre. This includes the necessary infrastructure, manpower, hardware, and software plus additional time to test the system to ensure that the call centre is operational and ready to handle calls and emails.

On the other hand, outsourcing the call centre to a third party company may be convenient but will cost the company a significant amount of money to maintain the contractual service provided. However, for many small and medium enterprise, this may prove to be a challenge due to their limited funds to engage a third party call centre for their services. Thus the next best option is to set up a cloud-based call centre instead.

As compared to setting up an on-site call centre, there are many advantages to set up the cloud based call centre as it helps the company to save money in terms of hardware, software, training and administrative costs. Companies who invest in setting up a cloud-based call centre also enjoy the flexibility of employing call agents who are home-based to handle the inbound/outbound calls or emails as all the agents required is just a laptop installed with the software and a speakerphone to communicate with the customer.

Although there are many companies in Singapore that specialize in call centre services, there are few companies that have a strong reputation and experience in helping their clients to set up the cloud-based call centre.

One such company is known as Converged Solutions which is a Singapore based company found in the year 2004 and has since delivered call centre solutions to countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka etc.

Converged Solutions is a technology company that develops and deliver unified communication applications and develop the Cloud-Based Call Centre software known as All-Touch™ Cloud Contact Centre, this software is a user-friendly, easy to set up for centralized and de-centralized call centre service that uses the concept of Software-as-a-Service and offers their clients call centre solutions bill on the monthly recurring fees. The best part of using this call centre software is that it requires no hardware, integration or interfering with the clients in-house LAN or telephone system for the call centre.

To understand more on what Converged Solutions can offer and how they can help companies to set up cloud-based call centres, you can contact them at +65 62529313 or email them at [email protected]


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