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Nowadays more and more call centres have adopted the service and management using cloud call centre instead of On-premise call centres. As there are many advantages using the cloud call centre and Cloud IVR is the main technology involved to operate the cloud call centre efficiently.

To understand what is Cloud IVR, you can refer to the below definition for better understanding.

The term “Cloud” means cloud computing or cloud IVR which the hardware and software that are delivered as a service usually by a third party service provider to their client over a network via the Internet.

IVR also known as Interactive Voice Response is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF (Dial Tones multifrequency) tones that is input via keypad manually by the humans.

An IVR is an automated system that the user will encounter when they call a customer service hotline and are greeted with a voice prompt that allows the user to select multiple options that will direct them to the related information which is explained via an automated voice response or connect them to a helpdesk officer to assist. Although the IVR can take many forms, the basic function is the same. Which in turn is commonly known as Bridge routing.

Normally a standard IVR will exist on the local phone system, which means a hardware will attach to the call centre’s phone system and in events for any changes to the IVR or troubleshooting o must be done locally by a specialist that is trained to interact and troubleshoot the hardware on site. A cloud IVR can be referred to a hosted solution, meaning that it resides on a server sitting in the data centre owned by a third party. IVR is usually residing on the call centre’s phone system so that all incoming calls to the helpdesk hotline must first pass through that IVR system to gather the callers’ intention before routing to the appropriate extension in the customer service department. The advantage is that it requires no hardware maintenance easier and cheaper to make changes via a simple online interface.

Among the many cloud IVR software and services offered by various companies in Singapore. There is one company called Converged Solutions that offers a very efficient and effective cloud software known as All-Touch™ Cloud Contact Centre.

It is a painless and easy to set up for a centralized and de-centralized call centre service. Using the concept of Software-as-a-Service, All-Touch™ brings call centre solutions to their client at monthly recurring fees. The main advantages of using All-Touch™ Cloud Contact Centre is that there will be no hardware integration or interfering with your LAN or telephone system.

With All-Touch™ brings call centre, clients will not incur any expensive hardware, software, training and administrative costs as it is a fully featured, enterprise-class contact centre product. Without the integration headaches of premise-based equipment. There are also no heavy upfront costs which a personal computer or laptop is all that an agent needs.

Thus for this reasons stated below All-Touch™ Cloud Contact Centre is mostly preferred by call centre experts:

  1. Virtual Call Centre design supports multi-site and home operations without any additional effort or cost which the agents can be located anywhere using internet from their PC or laptop.
  2. All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre has the reliability that is built into the architecture and has redundant core servers, telephone, and Ethernet network and highly-available systems that exceeds the availability of on-premise solutions. Therefore the Call centre operating systems are closely monitored and maintained 24/7 every day.
  3. The scalability of All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre allows instant and large expansion without technology changes which their clients can confidently subscribe to the amount of capacity required for their operations without restricting future seamless growth.
  4. The management and monitoring capabilities of All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre provides real-time control and status from a PC or laptop which the service level alerts or alarms are instilled to uphold high customer expectation.
  5. All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre is user-friendly as the interface designed is similar to Microsoft 2007 Office Suite that is easy to learn and adapt to the call agents.
  6. All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre can integrate with CRM applications easily with the browser/server environment or client/server applications. Since the API (Application Programming Interface) is provided. The client can even integrate with their own CRMs which are hosted locally.

Since All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre is designed to meet the call centre needs in Singapore and around the world. With it’s leading edge contact centre technologies and features, All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre can satisfy the client’s need to improve the customer service quality and customers’ experience plus more efficiency in managing the call centre operations.




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