Cloud based contact center

In general, a contact centre is a department that handles queries between the helpdesk agents and their customers. While a call centre only handles phone calls, contact centre will handle communications via various channels. Getting a contact centre for sales, sales support, marketing or customer service is important to an organization’s success. The reason is that if the sales or support calls or emails aren’t handled well, it can result in the loss of revenue and the damaged for company’s reputations.

A cloud-based contact centre is a contact centre within a company that uses the internet server to do the hosting and handles all the inbound and outbound communications from the customers. Cloud contact centres can make interactions with their customers via voice, social media, emails and is easily accessible online from virtually anywhere.

As more and more people increase the usage of digital channels to connect with businesses, it is necessary to modernize the contact centre to keep up with the demands. With short deployment time and affordable upfront capital investment, a cloud contact centre help companies to increase the efficiency of the contact centre in terms operation effectiveness and productiveness.  Other advantages of using a cloud contact centre software for contact centre includes reducing costs and overheads, shorten the timeframe for ROI( return of investment), enhance better customer experiences and employee empowerment, improve scalability and flexibility, shorter timeframe to set up the contact centre which enhance business continuity and optimizing the helpdesk agent’s efficiency during operation hours.

Under Converged Solutions in Singapore, they use the state-of-the-art cloud-based contact centre software known as “All-Touch Virtual Contact Centre” which allows companies to set up centralized or de-centralized call centre service easily and the best part is that this software don’t require any hardware, integration or the interfering with their client LAN or telephone system and is easy to learn and manage this software.

To find out more, you can refer to their website for better understanding or contact Converged Solution at +65 6252 9313 or email them at [email protected].


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