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Looking at today’s lifestyle where everything in our work and personal life is heavily dependent on technology. Take call centre for example, before the invention of the computer the helpdesk agents or customer service officer, will rely on the analog phone system, the typewriter and a notebook to handle enquires from their customers pertaining to the product or services. This is usually time-consuming and the term “hotline” means the customer service contact number is very popular and demanding.

This change when modern technology takes over and the helpdesk agents working in the call centre can easily rely on their internal software such as CRM (Customer Relations Management) and other related built-in software to assist their customers with ease.

This is especially the case with cloud-based call centre which is relatively a new concept for managing the operation of the call centre as compared to On-premise call centre that is a pioneer in integrating computer technology to the call centre in the late 1990’s.

Before I explain the reliability, I will need to explain what is the cloud-based call centre first to get a better understanding. The characteristics of the cloud-based call centre are hosted in the cloud server that is maintained by the third party business phone service provider which the helpdesk agents will access the service through an app that is installed on their computer. This cloud-based software fully depends on internet access with strong bandwidth to easily accommodate all the agents during their work time. Also to note that the call centre’s data is also hosted on the cloud and the corresponding servers usually belong to the third party service provider.

There are many advantages that show that using the Cloud-based call centres is a more reliable than the On-premise call centre such as the sharing of resources as well as the costs which are incurred for the same among a number of users. Thus creating a Multi-Tenancy situation such as a centralized infrastructure, increased utilization and better efficiency to fully utilized the resources that in turn increase in peak load capacity.

The cloud-based call centre is definitely a reliable infrastructure because of the multiple redundant sites which help in boosting business continuity and more efficient in disaster recovery. It is also good in scalability and elasticity due to the on-demand provisioning of resources in real time without creating any additional stress for the helpdesk agents and their customers.

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