Cloud Call Center

Lately, it has been some debate among the business community on whether to use Cloud call centre or On-premise call centre for their customer service department. Especially for companies that deal in FMCG ( Fast-moving consumer goods) or Food & Beverage service that requires a call centre to operate and manage their hotline.
While most people might agree that using the cloud-based call centre software will enable companies to stay relevant in the business and gain an edge over their competitors. It is important to understand the basic functions of how Cloud call centre works and the advantages of using it as compared to On-premise call centre.

A cloud call centre by definition is an operation centre that is hosted within a pool of communal resources which make it easy for companies to increase or decrease the services as and when needed. This method not only saves money for the company, but it can also help to simplify and streamline the contact centre’s operation as compared to the traditional call centre.

To understand further on the advantages of using Cloud call centre, you can refer to the pointers below as a reference.

It’s Easy to setup – Cloud-based software have makes it easier to set up the call centre as it requires minimum manual work and most of the operational requirements (hardware & software) is managed and done by the vendor in charge.

Scalability – It’s much easier to scale and manage the business when the software is based on monthly or yearly subscription and operates in the cloud online. This means that the operations manager in charge can easily adjust and customize the tech stack accordingly based on the volume of calls and amount of work that needs to be done.

Mobility – When the data and software are in the cloud, the operators can access them easily anywhere as long as the location has a good network. This means that it is possible for the appointed member of the company can do their work even when they are not in the office or after office hours.

Home-based agents – Similar to the Virtual Call centre, companies can allow their employees to work in their home or hire home-based customer service representative. Especially in situations where the company may not have enough equipment to maintain the manpower or they need additional help but are not able to hire more staff to manage the operation.

One of the main reason why Cloud-based software is more popular among small business as they have limited resources and need more flexibility to customize their call center to suit their business requirements.

As Cloud has made access to data more easy and efficient to retrieve and managed, it allows the helpdesk agents to improve customer experience with their customers with more useful and relevant customer data.

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