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A cloud service provider (CSP in short) is a company that offers certain types and component of cloud computing services such as infrastructure support as a service (IaaS in short), software support as a service (SaaS in short) or platform support as a service (PaaS in short)  to companies for operational purpose like setting up a call centre for example.

In general, cloud service providers offer their technical services based on the payment mode of on-demand and self-provisioning purchase. Which means that clients can make the payment for the cloud-based services on a monthly or quarterly subscription basis.  Some companies which provide cloud service have differentiated themselves by adjusting and tailor their offerings based on the current market’s requirements. Their cloud-based services will either deliver specific service to the certain industry in terms of the functionality or help users to meet regulatory requirements accordingly.

Although the cost of using the cloud-based service for call centres are based on monthly subscription payment mode. There are several factors for the company to evaluate while choosing the most suitable cloud service providers to support their daily operation.

For example, the client will like to know if their client’s sensitive data are well secured using the cloud platform, any contingency plans to back up the server shall there be a power failure or software error during the operation and what is the terms and condition of the service level agreement (SLA in short) if the company decided to sign up for the cloud-based service from this provider.

There may be many types of cloud services that are available in Singapore but for call centres, cloud service provider will usually provide these services which are a standard benchmark to their clients.

  1. IVR application software

Known as Interactive voice response (IVR in short), it is a telephony system that has a menu to enable the identification, segmentation and routing of incoming callers to the helpdesk agent within the call centre when callers dial the helpdesk hotline. It is a straight-forward and effective system that increases efficiency and helps to reduce costs within the company.

  1. Click to Call

Most if not all cloud call centre software will include a “Click to Call” feature in the client’s website to establish immediate interaction from the customer with little or no cost to them.

  1. System Integration

Cloud call centre software can easily integrate to the client’s business computer system or their Customer Relationship Management (CRM in short) software for easy integration and provide vital information to the customer service officer during the point of contact with the customer.

  1. 24/7 services

Cloud call centre software is always active 24 hours on the daily basis with no additional cost to the client. It also includes automatic call routing feature to designated call centres globally if necessary and incoming calls can be routed based on the resource availability and different time zones.

  1. Outbound IVR telephone surveys

An IVR survey system is necessary to gather feedback from the callers on the quality of the customer service standard in the call centre and it can be tuned to automatic mode which does not require any agent’s participation which the survey will be prompted to the caller after he or she has ended the call with the helpdesk agent.

  1. Telephony Menu

It is a standard feature which is user-friendly to the callers to avoid any unnecessary rerouting of calls between the caller and the call agents due to incorrect selection of menu option by the callers themselves.

  1. Voice Recognition and Keypad Input

This is another feature for the call centre as callers have options to either use his/her voice to state the requestor to key in the selected options given.

  1. Multi-language function

In bilingual countries like Singapore, the multi-language function is useful and it allows better interaction with the customer as they can choose the language of their choice. Which is usually determined via the user input of the selected languages available to them.

  1. Detailed Telephony Reports

Using this feature, the management of the call centres can easily keep track of the daily calls volume and other related information such as daily caller number, the duration of calls, agent login details and so on. The information is stored in the database for future analysis and can be used to plan, optimize workload, increase efficiency and improve quality of service.

There are many advantages of using the Cloud-based call centre software as compared to on-site options as mentioned below.

Easy setup – Cloud software makes it easier to set up the call centre as it requires minimum manual work and almost everything can be set up by the cloud service provider.

Mobility – Once the data and software are in the cloud, the client can access them using their laptops or mobile devices regardless of location. Which means that it is possible for the management of the call centre department can monitor the operation even outside of their office or after office hours.

Home-based agents – The client will have additional options to hire home-based call agents in situations when the company don’t have enough telephony equipment or need additional help but couldn’t afford to hire more full-time agents to manage the call centre.

Scalability – when the cloud call centre software is based on monthly subscription, it will be much easier for the client to scale your business and customize the technical and operational requirements based on the daily or monthly call volumes and amount of work that needs to be done.

In Singapore, there are many companies that provide cloud service but for call centres set up, Converged Solutions easily stands out from the rest as this company has the technology and expertise to assist their clients to provide and set up cloud-based call centre system. Other than the basic feature mentioned earlier, Converged Solution’s

All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre has the additional feature such as Multi-Media Contact Distribution, Email Management, Real-Time Reporting/Monitoring, SMS/WEB chat, Call Recording and Monitoring and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

Thus, if your company need to set up or upgrade the call centre from onsite to cloud-based call centre. Converged Solutions will be the cloud service provider one can trust as they have vast working experience and expertise in delivering call centre solutions to countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka etc. For more information, you can visit their website or contact them at +65 6252 9313 or email them at [email protected] for more information.






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