Time management

Running and managing call centre is never an easy task as there are many factors to look at to ensure that the operation runs smoothly and efficiently. Among these factors is time management which is an important aspect which will greatly determine how well the call agents can handle the high call volumes from the customers on a daily basis.

It is also important to note that time managing is crucial to the call centre as the time that is wasted will affect the company’s revenue and even their reputation at the same time. Especially when customers call or write in to complain about the long call waiting time which they have to wait for hours just to speak to a call agent. Thus this is why the call agents are often advised to handle and manage incoming calls as fast and efficiently as possible.

To help the call centre to function properly in their daily operations, the call agents are usually equipped with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and other related software on their computer to allow them to trace the caller’s information, create or backtrack the previous case and so on.

With an efficient call centre software, agents can focus and stay organized in their work and achieving their goals by improving their KPIs which is trackable by the call centre management. Usually, a call agent will have 2-4 different kinds of software for handling calls, online chat, time tracking, case creation and even for analytics. While the software is efficient in handling the operation, the drawback is that the information will lead and send to the siloed data and the call agents also need to switch from one platform to another to perform certain tasks.

However, by using a single call centre software that is multi-purpose and able to cover as much of the call centre process will benefit the call agents as this will save a lot of time for them while interacting with the customer on the phone. A good call centre software shall also be able to give provisions for APIs and easily integrated with other in-house software if necessary.

Another useful aspect of using the call centre software for time management is the fact that the software allows the management to categorize their call agents based on their skillsets and job requirements. By doing so, call agents who are trained in a specific knowledge will be able to address the particular issues and handle those customer inquiries with a faster, more efficient resolution and better customer satisfaction from the caller.

It is well-known fact that call centre agents are the vital asset to any call centres as they are the first point of contact for their clients and prospects. Thus it’s necessary for the agents to be well-equipped with the rights tools and information to provide exceptional customer service. From the customer point of view, the service provides by the call agents will give them the impression on how the company works and the kind of service level that is expected. To achieve this, the call centre agents will need to easily access the knowledge base using the call centre software in order to advise and serve their customers better.

In other words, a good call centre software shall allow the call agents to be multi-task and allowing agents to manage incoming calls quickly and efficiently as this will help them in time management in the long run.


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