Call Centre software

Whenever customers or users call a business helpdesk for assistance on the product or services which they have purchased. They will be greeted by the courteous and professional customer service representative, although most of the call centers in Singapore are handle by MNCs or companies that is specialize in Third party call center operations, these are the companies that have the manpower and other resources to man such an operation. Although customers may sometimes have negative experience with the customer service officer due to miscommunication or other technical errors that cause the user to be frustrated. Still it is vital to have a customer service helpdesk services for small business owners that allows them to build strong rapport with their customers and a positive impact on customer satisfaction which in the long term will get more repeat business and better referrals from their clients.

Customer service call centre helps to save the employees (especially from the Sales/Marketing and Operational department) additional time as they can focus to improve their productivity and increase profit for the company. Not to mention the call centre can use customer’s feedback to improving the business by enhancing the positive experience for their customers.

To build a customer service call centre for the company, the owners will need to invest a significant amount of time and money to get the necessary manpower, IT infrastructure and the allocation of office space.
Which may not be feasible for small business owners but thanks to technology, these business owners have the options to purchase the call center software that is also known as hosted call centre/cloud call centre or Virtual call centre which integrates all the necessary functions needed for the helpdesk agents for their operations needs and all they need is a desktop PC or laptop and a phone network system.

This type of Call Centre software not only saves time and money for the business owner, they also enjoy the benefits of getting additional services from the host company such as built-in-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, smart scheduling of the helpdesk agent’s job task, voice logging (incoming or outgoing), automatic call distribution, real-time Monitoring/SLA/Voice Monitor, easy to use Softphone, computer telephone interface and many more.

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