IVR short for Interactive Voice Response that is a common feature that customers can use when they call the customer service hotline and press different numbers in their mobile phone to select the available options. In technical terms, IVR is a software in telephony menu system that allows the identification, segmentation, and routing of the callers to the next available agents that possess the skill set to assist the caller. It is a very useful and effective method to control the call flow which helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency within the call centre.

IVRs plays an important role in the call centre as it allows the possibilities for callers to resolve their own issues by getting the relevant information without speaking to the call agent. This is achieved with the automated voice recording that provides the caller with the information when they press the option.

IVRs also allow the call agents to prioritize calls based on the caller’s value in the company. This means that when an important customer calls in, the IVR will route them to the next available agent who has the best skillset to answer their queries.

In situations when all the call agents are busy, the high-value customer will be placed in the call queue but routed to the next available call agent when available. By doing so will ensure the important customer will not complain or feedback due to the slow response time from the call centre. Other features of the IVR include the routing of the callers to the most relevant department or the agents according to the options they choose.

For SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), they can use IVRs to create a professional image of their company by configuring the IVR prompts that allows the callers to speak to various departments which the assigned personnel will be handling the calls when the IVR options are selected by the callers. In this way, customers will be impressed and satisfied with the company’s professionalism on how the calls are handled.

There are many benefits from the IVR system and below is the list to elaborate the usefulness of IVRs.

  1. IVRs Increase customer service efficiency

Call agents working in the company that has the efficient IVR systems allow them to handle the call enquires more efficiently and effectively as they are able to meet the customer’s demands within the specific time frame.

  1. IVRs helps to increase first contact resolution

IVR can help the call centres to increase the first contact resolution when the callers are directed to the most appropriate agents to handle their queries instead of transferring the calls to another agent when unless the callers are enquiring on a different subject matter.

  1. IVRs can increase agent and company efficiency

By increasing the first contact resolution which is part if the SLA (Service Level Agreement), the call agents will be more skilled to address the customer’s issues instantly instead of holding the customer to check with her team leads or managers.This will increase the agents and company efficiency in the long run.

  1. IVRs helps to increase professionalism

By using the IVR system to greet the callers in a professional manner, it will create an image to the caller that the company has more employees and departments than the actual size.

  1. IVRs helps to reduce operational costs

It is possible to use IVR system to replace redundant manpower who has the limited role in the centre such as the receptionist or agents who role is to answer and directs calls to other agents that has the correct skill set. Thus increase the efficiency of the call centre and reduce operational costs for the company.

  1. IVRs increase customer satisfaction

By using a user-friendly and reliable IVR system, customers will be routed to the wrong department or agents with the different skill sets. This will significantly increase the customer satisfaction as they can well handle by the call agents in the company.

Since the IVR are beneficial to any call centres as the cost of using the systems are low but efficient, it is, therefore, worth the investment with huge ROI to the company.









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